Pantera Energy Company’s primary objective is to grow the company reserve base through active asset management while achieving the most value for the products we deliver on behalf of our partners and royalty owners.

Acquisitions of Long-Life, High-Quality Production

Pantera Energy Company actively seeks long-life, high-quality production with relatively predictable decline curves and low-risk development opportunities.  We normally try to build around our existing areas of operations so that we can focus key personnel and operational efficiencies to obtain the most value.  We evaluate acquisitions based on decline profile, reserve life, operational efficiency, cash flow and development costs.

Drilling and Optimization to Organically Grow Reserves

Pantera Energy Company is dedicated to a strong drilling and optimization capital program to achieve organic growth.  We focus on low-risk; repeatable drilling opportunities to maintain and/or grow cash flow. Additionally, we add value through strong knowledge of facility management, water handling, well head compression and monitoring.

Provide Quality Operations from Drill Bit to Back Office

Pantera Energy realizes that delivering value does not end with the drill bit.  We pride ourselves on a strong operating history, focused on delivering a quality product each and every day.   Therefore, we spend enormous amount of time reviewing current assets, actively marketing our products, and maintaining operating efficiency for the benefit of our partners and royalty owners. We service over 3,500 mineral owners each month through the timely distribution of revenue.  Our accounting staff handles each owner as a valued customer.